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The 10 Best 'Our Flag Means Death’ Characters, Ranked By Braveness

Our Flag Means Death has many brave characters.

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The 20 Best Kevin Costner Movies, Ranked

Costner's fostered an impressive roster.

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The 10 Best Natalie Portman Movies, Ranked

From fantasy blockbusters to acclaimed biopics, this is Collider's ranking of Natalie Portman's best movies.

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Wish (2023)
The 10 Best 'Wish' Characters, Ranked

"Imagine a place where wishes come true. Where your heart's desire can become a reality. What if I told you that place is within reach?"

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The 10 Best Miloš Forman Movies, According to IMDb

"Mediocrities everywhere... I absolve you... I absolve you..."

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The 10 Most Watched Movies on Netflix, Ever

That's a lot of viewing hours.

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Characters from How to Train Your Dragon 1
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Alfred Hitchcock
The 30 Best Alfred Hitchcock Movies, Ranked

From early masterwork 'The 39 Steps' to Hollywood classics 'Vertigo' and 'Psycho,' this is Collider's ranking of Alfred Hitchcock's best movies ever.

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The 10 Best Adult Animation Holiday Episodes and Specials, Ranked According to IMDb

Who says adult animation can't show a bit of holiday cheer?

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Christmas Movies
The 10 Most Underrated Animated Christmas Movies, Ranked

"The Santas always come through Canada. Nobody lives here. It's nice and quiet."

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The 12 Best Movies That Follow the Hero's Journey

These movies use the monomyth to spectacular results.

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Christmas Movies
The 10 Best Christmas Movies of the Past 5 Years, Ranked

"A true selfless act always sparks another."

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12 Best Mythical Monster Movies Like 'Troll'

Vampires, werewolves, and dragons – oh my!

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The 12 Best R-Rated Christmas Movies

These Christmas movies are definitely on the naughty list!

Perfect Blue (1997) - 81 minutes 1
The 10 Best Directors Who Defined Surrealism in Movies

Many directors have attempted surrealist cinema, but these are the ones who defined it.

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The 10 Best French Animated Movies, Ranked

French animation has made a significant impact on cinema, and these movies are the best example.

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Every ‘Bones’ Main Character, Ranked by Likability

“My brain, it's different. I'm different.”

Nosferatu 1
The 10 Best Movies Recommended by Wes Craven

Wes Craven has great taste in movies.

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