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The 20 Best Kevin Costner Movies, Ranked

Costner's fostered an impressive roster.

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Kevin Costner’s Underrated Western Features One of the Best Shootouts

The Western legend put his talents both in front of and behind the camera for this underrated gem.

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Kevin Costner Left ‘Tombstone’ To Team Up With Dennis Quaid on Another Underrated Western

Kevin Costner felt ‘Tombstone’ didn’t do the iconic lawman justice, so he took matters into his own hands.

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Alan Rickman’s Clever Trick Saved ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’

"Because it's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more."

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'Yellowstone' Season 5 Part 2: Release Window, Plot, Cast, and Everything We Know

The Duttons will find themselves in a new, wilder west when they return this summer.

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The Kevin Costner Neo-Western That Lurches Into a Gory, Grindhouse Thriller

What starts off as a typical Western “dad movie" takes a surprising twist towards ultra violence.

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Where to Watch ‘Yellowstone’: Streaming and Television

There's a reason everyone's obsessed with this wildly addictive Western soap opera.

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Taylor Sheridan Should Forget the Costner Drama and Go Back to Making Cool Neo-Westerns

Taylor Sheridan should ditch Kevin Costner and go back to writing some of the best neo-Westerns like 'Hell or High Water.'

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'Horizon: An American Saga': Cast and Everything We Know About Kevin Costner's Next Western

With three sequels already greenlit, 'Horizon: An American Saga' looks like the beginning of the next big Western.

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Kevin Costner Saddles Up in First 'Horizon' Trailer

The two-part Western drama will hit theaters next summer.

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Kevin Costner's Two-Part Western Movie 'Horizon' Sets Release Dates

Costner left the popular series 'Yellowstone' to bring his epic Western tale to life.

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The 1980s Was Rough on Westerns, Except for This Kevin Costner Classic

In a decade that moved away from the Western genre, only one movie really stands out.

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Kevin Costner Reportedly Left 'Yellowstone' for This Reason

The actor portrayed John Dutton III over the course of five seasons of the show.

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This Early '80s Kevin Costner Disaster Movie Is Shockingly Accurate

How does Kevin Costner deal with a nuclear holocaust?

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How Historically Accurate Is ‘Dances With Wolves’?

Kevin Costner is known as a Western hero, but is his most notable addition historically accurate?

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Taylor Sheridan on Kevin Costner's Exit From 'Yellowstone'

The actor played John Dutton over the course of five seasons.

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That Time Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell Went Head-to-Head With Dueling Wyatt Earp Films

'Wyatt Earp' and 'Tombstone' were released around the same time in 1993 and told much the same story.

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Waterworld Kevin Costner Tina Majorino Jeanne Tripplehorn 1
Kevin Costner's 'Waterworld' Is Bad, But I Can’t Stop Watching It

Exhibit A: Dennis Hopper has an eyepatch.

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Kevin Costner's ‘Yellowstone’ Exit Makes His Dream Directing Project Possible

After a 20-year absence from directing, Costner is stepping behind the camera again for his most ambiguous project.

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