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Kate Siegel on Collider Ladies Night 1
Let Kate Siegel Make "Weird Feminist Sh*t" With Her Friends, Please

The 'Fall of the House of Usher' star has her sights set on producing more, and building filmmaking families in the process.

Ella Purnell as Lucy in a poster for Fallout 1
The 'Fallout' Series Will Be an Entirely New Story Within the Franchise

What is Vault 33? Who are the series leads? Director and EP Jonathan Nolan and stars Ella Purnell and Aaron Moten discuss.

Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemons, and Ren Watabe in Monarch Legacy of Monsters  1
'Monarch' Stars Say the Season Finale Lets the Show go Anywhere In Season 2

Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, & Kiersey Clemons talk about their favorite episodes, character arcs, and what they hope for in Season 2.

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Its-a-Wonderful-Knife-Joel-McHale-Interview 1
Joel McHale Discusses Putting a Gen Z Spin on a Classic Frank Capra Film

McHale also offers an update on the ‘Community’ movie and Season 2 of his FOX sitcom ‘Animal Control.’

custom-image-a-murder-at-the-end-of-the-world-clive-owen 1
Clive Owen Isn’t a Tech Guy Like His ‘Murder at the End of the World’ Character

He also talks about how a love of noir led him to play Sam Spade in the upcoming AMC series 'Monsieur Spade.'

custom-image-mr-monk's-last-case-a-monk-movie-tony-shalhoub 1
Tony Shalhoub Could Be Talked Into Doing Another ‘Monk’ Movie

A public service announcement shot during the COVID pandemic for Peacock first reunited the 'Monk' cast, eventually leading to this movie.

Emma Stone in Poor Things 1
The Happy Accident That Created This Unreal 'Poor Things' Shot of Emma Stone

You can see this particular visual in the film's trailer!

Daniella Karagach and Jason Mraz pose for 'DWTS' promo shot 1
Jason Mraz Meaning Behind His Mystical Magical 'DWTS' Journey

Jason Mraz spoke with Collider about how his experience on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ aligns with this new phase of his life and, of course, his music.

Quiz-Lady-Sandra-Oh-Awkwafina-Interview-1 1
'Quiz Lady's Awkwafina and Sandra Oh Discuss Pee-Wee Herman Obsessions and Playing Against Type

Sandra Oh and Awkwafina’s laugh-out-loud comedy ‘Quiz Lady’ is also the Pee-Wee Herman star’s final performance.

Gael García Bernal in Cassandro  1
From 'Cassandro' to 'La Máquina,' Gael García Bernal Has Transformed into a Fighter

The actor also briefly discusses his excitement for 'The Boys: Mexico' spinoff series.

Wyatt and Kurt Russell, Mari Yamamoto, Anders Holm, Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemmons, Ren Watabe  1
'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' Producers Discuss the Status of Season 2 & Why They Love the Season Finale

EPs Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell, and Chris Black also tease their upcoming projects like 'Atlas' with Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, and Sterling K. Brown.

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Candy-Cane-Lane-Reginald-Hudlin-Interview 1
How ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Influenced Eddie Murphy's 'Candy Cane Lane'

Director Reginald Hudlin discusses reuniting with Murphy, working with ILM, inventing the Rudolph System, & his next project, 'Black Cotton Star.'

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Gary Oldman and Olivia Cooke in Slow Horses 1
'Slow Horses' Producer Loves Making Gary Oldman Eat on Screen

Showrunner Will Smith talks about spinoff ideas, future seasons, perfecting the tone of the show, & working on a bigger scale.

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Brian Volk-Weiss, the creator of Discontinued 1
'Discontinued' Director Explains Why Failure Is the Focus of His New Series

Brian Volk-Weiss, the guy behind 'The Toys That Made Us,' breaks down his brand-new, Bruce Campbell-hosted documentary series.

Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali Talk Leave the World Behind 1
Julia Roberts' Most Challenging 'Leave the World Behind' Scene Is One of the Film's Best

"A lot of it was just me being able to look up into Mahershala’s eyes and not ... [get] teary-eyed and giggly like a 15-year-old girl."

Family Switch director Mcg 1
This Is How 'Family Switch' Brings a Twist of Originality to the Body Swap Trope

Director McG also talks about the throughline of his career from working with Smash Mouth to Netflix, how he got Weezer in the movie, and more.

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Lateasha Lunceford poses and smiles for S10 'Married to Medicine' cast photo 1
Lateasha Lunceford Says It's Not Hard to Deflect the Shade From Her ‘Married to Medicine’ Castmates

Newlywed Lateasha Lunceford spoke with Collider about how she deals with the pressure of the rest of her ‘Married to Medicine’ cast.

our-flag-means-death-season-2-ruibo-qian-social-featured 1
Ruibo Qian Has a Magical Connection to Her 'Our Flag Means Death' Character

The actor also discusses Zheng's important relationships and her favorite part of the character's look.

Stephen-Schwartz-Prince-of-Egypt-Stage-Show-Interview 1
‘The Prince of Egypt’ and ‘Wicked’ Are Still Popular For a Reason, Says Stephen Schwartz

He also gives an update on the 'Wicked' movies, Part 1 of which is out next year.

May-December-Charles-Melton-Todd-Haynes-Moore-Interview 1
Charles Melton & Todd Haynes Both Praise This One Thing In 'May December'

Director Todd Haynes & Melton discuss filming in 23 days and Melton reveals why making this film was life-changing.

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