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Jenna Ortega holding a bear as the Vice President's Daughter in Iron Man 3 1
Jenna Ortega Has Already Made Her MCU Debut

The 'Wednesday' star is no stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Siskel and Ebert Thumbs Down background 1
Siskel and Ebert Believed This Was the Worst Movie Ever Made

The movie is weirdly mean-spirited, even for its time period.

Mahershala Ali in Swan Song 1
Mahershala Ali Is at His Best in an Underrated Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Romance

Forget 'Moonlight' and 'Green Book,' Ali's performance in this movie is his best.

Hayao Miyazaki in front of a Spirited Away background 1
Studio Ghibli's First Movie Is Pure, Unfiltered Miyazaki

This might not be Studio Ghibli's best movie, but it is their most important.

The-Polar-Express-Tom-Hanks 1
‘The Polar Express’ Should’ve Been a Horror Movie

CGI Tom Hanks can't hurt you — or can he?

Happy-Madison-Productions-Adam-Sandler 1
Who Is the Man in the Happy Madison Productions Logo?

(Insert Adam Sandler impression here.)

Mahito Maki in The Boy and the Heron 1
‘The Boy and the Heron’ Ending Explained: How Does Miyazaki’s New Movie End?

Hayao Miyazaki's latest gem is also one of the best animated films of 2023.

A custom image of Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood from Unforgiven in front of a red background of clocks 1
Why Did It Take 20 Years for ‘Unforgiven’ To Get Made?

'Unforgiven' had been sitting in Clint Eastwood's drawer for a long time, and for good reason.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone embracing in a field in Killers of the Flower Moon 1
All The New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week: 'Killers of the Flower Moon,' 'Leave the World Behind,' and More

This week's new streaming releases include Martin Scorsese's latest, a Julia Roberts-starring apocalypse tale, and multiple animated Christmas movies.

Bruce Willis as John McClane crawling out of a vent in Die Hard 1
The ‘Die Hard’ Plot Hole That Pisses Us Off Every Time

Even the action movie to end all action movies fumbled this bit.

A custom image of Grant Gustin's CW Flash and Ezra Miller's DCEU Flash running, surrounded by lightning  1
Sorry DCEU, The CW Gave Us Our Best Flash

Costume, character, CGI, callbacks. The Flash of film can't compete with the CW.

Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman in May December  1
Michael Fassbender as David in 'Prometheus' 1
Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ Isn’t Like the Alien Movies, and That’s Why It’s Good

Ridley Scott interprets the source material differently but still gives us a powerful film.

The-Ritual-Rafe-Spall 1
Avatar-The-Way-Of-Water-Stephen-Lang-Star-Wars-The-Rise-of-Skywalker-Avengers-Infinity-War-Stephen-Lang-Adam-Driver-Josh-Brolin 1
The 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Surprisingly, 'Avatar' does not top the list!

A custom image of a cartoon bird attacking a frightened cat  1
What on Earth Was the Abandoned Walt Disney Animation Studios Movie ‘Fraidy Cat’?

Back in the mid-2000s, Walt Disney Animation Studios seemed committed to 'Fraidy Cat,' a movie that would never see the light of day.

Sean Connery as Jim Malone in The Untouchables (1987) 1
The Gangster Movie That Changed Sean Connery’s Career Forever

An Academy Award-winning turn in the now classic gangster flick gave Connery a new lease on life.

dragonball-movies-in-order 1
How to Watch All 'Dragon Ball' Shows Online: Where to Stream 'Z', 'GT', and the Original Series

You don't need to summon Shenron to stream all the shows in one place.

Milla Jovovich in The Fourth Kind 1
No Horror Movie Has Blended Fiction and Reality Better Than This One

This pseudo-documentary shows alien abduction like no other.

Tommy Lee Jones as Jerry O'Keefe and Pamela Reed as Annette O'Keefe sitting together at a desk in The Burial 1
Is ‘The Burial’ Based on a True Story?

Is the story of Willie and Jerry based on real-life events?

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