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taika-waititi-rhys-darby-our-flag-means-death 1
The 10 Best 'Our Flag Means Death’ Characters, Ranked By Braveness

Our Flag Means Death has many brave characters.

The-Walking-Dead-Daryl-Negan-Maggie-Rick-Michonne 1
10 Best 'The Walking Dead' Characters, Ranked

"It's human nature to come together."

Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz in Django Unchained 1
the-walking-dead-rick-grimes 1
Every 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale, Ranked

"Everything's going to be okay."

Blended image showing John Cena as Merman Ken with the Barbie logo on the front. 1
Barbie (2023)
The 8 Best Cameos in 'Barbie,' Ranked

You weren't expecting these talents — but they still knocked it out of the park!

Our-Flag-Means-Death-Stede-And-Blackbeard-With-English-Navy-1 1
The 10 Best ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Characters, Ranked by Likability

Our Flag Means Death has some memorable characters.

Barbie-Ryan-Gosling 1
Barbie (2023)
The 10 Best 'Barbie' Movie Quotes, Ranked

"Do you guys ever think about dying?"

the-walking-dead-daryl-carol 1
The Best Episode From Each Season of 'The Walking Dead,' According to IMDb

With 11 seasons, The Walking Dead has had some great episodes.

WalkingDeadCarol 1
The Walking Dead (2010)
The 10 Best Carol Episodes in 'The Walking Dead,' Ranked

Carol is one of the most well-rounded characters in The Walking Dead.

VirginRiverNeedleDrops 1
Virgin River (2019)
The 10 Best Needle Drops in 'Virgin River'

A great show deserves great music.

Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 1
BestVirginRiverEpisodes 1
Virgin River (2019)
The 10 Best 'Virgin River' Episodes, According to IMDb

The Virgin River has been running for five seasons, and these are the best episodes.

Counterpart, Slow Horses, and Better Things 1
The 15 Most Underrated TV Shows That No One Talks About, According to Reddit

They're not talking, they're watching.

M*A*S*H cast poster  1
The 10 Most-Watched TV Series Finales of All Time

“Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.”

CSINYBestEpisodes 1
The 10 Best 'CSI: NY' Episodes, According to IMDb

After nine seasons, CSI: NY is one of the best shows on television, and these are the best episodes.

LostBestCharacters 1
The 10 Best 'Lost' Characters, Ranked

The island kept these characters around because they were the best.

LostGuestStars 1
Lost (2004)
The 10 Best 'Lost' Guest Stars, Ranked

'Lost' had some memorable guest stars who never should have left the island.

CSIVegasBestEpisodes 1
The 10 Best 'CSI: Vegas' Episodes, According to IMDb

CSI: Vegas is nothing without these great episodes.

CSIBestCharacters 1
The 10 Best 'CSI' Characters, Ranked

“Truth is, a moral compass can only point you in the right direction; it can't make you go there.”

JohnCenaBestMovies 1
John Cena
John Cena's 10 Best Movies, According to Rotten Tomatoes

From wrestler to actor, John Cena can do it all!

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