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Nischal Niraula is a Features Writer for Collider and he loves the fact that half of his job entails binging on movies and TV shows. He fell in love with stories as a 3-year-old who would eat only after his mum narrated elaborate, made-up tales. Now, as an adult, he eats only after finding the perfect show or a movie to accompany his meal.

Nischal is easily influenced by the media he consumes — he stood on his balcony, brooding over Kathmandu for a week straight after watching Matt Reeves' Batman — and wonders the many ways in which pop-culture shapes our ideas and identities. His works can be found in various other websites and magazines including Comic Book Resources, The Travel, The Record, The Himalayan Times, Kids Insider and We Are Restless. 

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'Game of Thrones' Traumatizing Scenes Have a Lasting Effect on Sophie Turner

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No Lions Actually Roared To Make ‘The Lion King’

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'Succession' Roy Family Tree Explained

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‘Game of Thrones’ Worst Villain Was the One the Show Built Up the Most

The worst part is that the show never even tried.

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