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About Shawn Van Horn

Shawn Van Horn is a Senior Features Writer for Collider. He is also a Features Writer and Editor, and a News Writer for The Sportster. He's watched way too many slasher movies over the decades, which makes him an aficionado on all things Halloween and Friday the 13th. Don't ask him to choose between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees because he can't do it. He grew up in the 90s, when Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and TGIF were his life, and still watches them religiously to this day. Larry David is his spirit animal. His love for entertainment spreads to the written word as well. He has written two novels and is neck deep in the querying trenches. He is also a short story maker upper and poet with a dozen publishing credits to his name. He lives in small town Ohio, where he likes to watch professional wrestling and movies.

Author Details

I am a Senior Features Writer for Collider. 

Industry Experience

I have been a Features Writer with Collider since January 2022. I also work for The Sportster, a wrestling website, where I am a Features Editor, Feature Writer, and News Writer. I have written two novels as well, and have had a dozen short stories and poems published in literary journals. 

Favorite Media

I'm a horror junkie, with 70s and 80s horror, especially slasher films, being where my bloody heart lies. 90s and 2000s sitcoms are my other love. Seinfeld is the greatest show ever, but I also love Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office, and Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Guillermo's decision should have altered the series forever.

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The Murder That Inspired an Urban Legend and Multiple Horror Classics

One of horror’s most frightening opening scenes finds its origins in real life.

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'Frasier' Reboot Season 1 Ending Explained: 'Tis the Season For a Reunion

The season finale of 'Frasier' saw the return of a familiar name.

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It's time for Ghostface to make way for John Carver!

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Okay, the Final Girl Horror Trope Is Never Scary — But Here's Why We Need It

Sure, it's predictable, but it's a necessity!

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Next to 'Back to the Future,' This Horror Film Is Christopher Lloyd's Best Performance

You'll never look at Doc Brown the same way again after this one.

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One of the Most Famous Movie Lines Happened by Accident

Dustin Hoffman's quick thinking made history.

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The ‘Married… with Children’ Episode That Was Too Risqué for TV

There was one 'Married... with Children' episode that scared FOX.

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In 2023, Gore Returned to Horror

Blood and guts are back!

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'Seinfeld’ and ‘Mad About You’ Have a Surprising Connection

Someone else used to live in Kramer's apartment.

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The Tragic True Story Of The 'Airwolf' Helicopter

The popular '80s icon met a tragic fate after its series ended.

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'Six Feet Under's Most Shocking Death Changed the Show

When this character died, nothing was ever the same again.

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The Epic Moment Michonne Became ‘Walking Dead’s Biggest Badass

This guy really shouldn't have messed with her.

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The Shocking ‘Seinfeld’ Incident That Got Elaine’s Dad Erased From the Show

We met Elaine's dad in Season 2 of 'Seinfeld,' and then...

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Is ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ a Slasher Movie?

Freddy Krueger is no Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees.

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Fast & Furious Needs to Solve Its Paul Walker Problem

The Fast & Furious ensemble keeps expanding, so when will they learn to let some of these characters go?

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Larry David Left ‘Seinfeld’ at the Height of Its Popularity, But Why?

The co-creator walked away from the biggest show on TV.

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'Seinfeld's Cast Couldn’t Stand Working With This Actress

And you thought George Costanza getting engaged was shocking!

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How ‘Family Matters’ Made One of Its Biggest Characters Disappear

When 'Family Matters' started, the Winslow family had three children, but suddenly, there were only two.

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